Sunday, January 6, 2013

Floyd Warren - Early years of working

When dad was in his early teens he worked feeding the chickens for the family.  His pay was that for every thousand chickens there were, he would get a hundred of those.  He figured out a way to neuter some of them and noticed that when he neutered the males that they would grow to be about 15 pounds when normally they would only grow to be about 3.5 pounds.  When a buyer came to buy some of the chickens he asked Dad about purchasing the bigger ones (I can't remember what he called them).  Dad said, "What are you willing to give me?" and he found out he was willing to give a dollar a pound for them.  Dad was thrilled with this new found way of earning more money.

Before Dad's mission he bought 15 piglets from the money he had earned during his other money making ventures.  I can't remember how much he said that cost him but he did say that those pigs, when they were full grown would sell for $40 each.  The cost of his mission was $40/month.  During his mission his mother took care of his pigs and would sell them when they were ready and put the money into Dad's account.  This money sustained him for his entire mission.

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  1. The Chickens were called Capons, not sure if thats spelled right though.