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John Julius Delchamps - Will

I, John Julius Delchamps, of the city and county of Mobile, State of Alabama, being of sound mind and disposing memory, and in good health, of body, after mature deliberation and without suggestion from or knowledge of anyone, do make, declare and publish this as my last will and testament, revoking any and all others that I have made.
1st - During my lifetime, and in fact previous to my making this my last will, I have provided for and given to each of my children liberally, or otherwise according to their wants, needs and desires, which gifts I consider and hold to be taken and considered as their advancement so that neither or none of them has any right to make any claim on my estate after my death.
2ND - For reasons sufficient unto myself, I name and constitute my son, Willie Boyles Delchamps (and in the event of his death, his children) my sole heirs, devising and bequeathing to him as my legatee the entirety of my estate, real and personal, that I may have at the time of my death.
3rd - To my son, John J. Delchamps, I leave nothing, though he had had but little advancement due to his unfortunate infirmity, but commend him to the care of his brother, Willie B.D., whom I enjoin to see that John's needs are provided for should he survive me.
4Th - I name and constitute and appoint my son, heir and legatee, the above named Willie Boyles Delchamps, the executor of this my last will and testament, exempting him from giving any bond in acting as such.
5Th - I charge my above named executor with all lawful debts that I may owe at my death, funeral expenses (which I desire as simple and inexpensive as possible) and all just charges against my estate, which being done, the residue if, any, to be held and enjoyed by him, the said Willie B.D. as above set forth.
Made in duplicate for greater safety, either copy to be of full and equal value and effect.
Witness my hand and seal hereto set and affixed this twenty second day of August A.D. 1900-
H.O Haynie
Geo. K. Sossaman John J. Delchamps (L.S.)

Signed sealed, declared and published as and for his will and testament, in our presence by John J. Delchamps, In witness whereof, we the undersigned in his presence and at his request and in presence of each other, hereunto set our hands and signatures this 22ND days of August -A.D 1900.
H.O. Haynie
Geo. K. Sossaman

I, J.J. Delchamps, the within named testator, do hereby make and publish this, my codicil to my last will and testament bearing date of Aug. 22ND, A. D. 1900.
I hereby reaffirm said will as made as above to be and remain good and valid, in its entirety, the reason of my making this codicil being that I now have and probably shall have at my demise monies in Essie and in posse, which I did not have when I made my will, wherefore, I make the following requests, to wit:

J.E.D. To the children of my son Julius E. Delchamps I will and bequeath
William $100.00
Newton $100.00
Charles $100.00
Grace $100.00
Mary $100.00
Maud $100.00

To be paid to them ($100 each) personally by Willie B. Delchamps, my executor, as soon after the probate of my will as possible.
To my son, Julius E. Delchamps, as trustees for his children, Laura and May, I leave and bequeath $200 to be held or expended by him for their benefit.

Edwin A.D. To the children of my son, Edwin A Delchamps, I will and bequeath.

Annie $100.00
Sadie $100.00
Corinne $100.00
To be paid to them individually as above.

To Edwin A. Delchamps for his other children viz: - John Julius, Edwina, Marguerite, Curtis, I bequeath $400 to be held and expended by him for their benefit.

Grace D. - To the children of my beloved daughter, Mrs. Grace D. Hopper, I bequeath.

Durand $100.00
William $100.00
To be paid to them individually as above.

To my executor, W.B. Delchamps, as trustee for the other children of Grace, viz; Hugh, Malcolm, Annette and Avis, to be held for this benefit until maturity or marriage, I bequeath $400, i.e. $100 for each, Provided that my daughter Grace should become a femme sole, by death or process of law, the sum $400 shall be turned over to her at once by my executor, to be held or disposed by her for the benefit of her said minor children at her discretion.

John J. D. For the benefit of my unfortunate son. John J. Delchamps, I leave my executor W.B.D. $300 to be expended from time to time as may be needed for the benefit of said J.J. Delchamps.

Harold H. I request my executor to purchase of the value of $75 and his and my name to be inscribed therein to give my grandson Harold Hopper, son of my daughter Sarah, as he is well. I need not leave him any money.

To Mary B.D. To my daughter, Mary, wife of my son, W. B. Delchamps, I leave and bequeath $100 to be expended by her for trinkets, jewelry or otherwise, to be given to her children as mementos of their Grandpa.

Aug. 30, 1904 - AD. John J. Delchamps


Geo. K. Sossaman
H. O. Haynie

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